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Spiritual Spa Awakening Retreat

Nurturing and luxurious awakening transformation for all levels of being…
Your Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul.

This amazing service is an intensive spiritual spa day, weekend or week spa retreat in Sedona, Jerome or can be planned in most any city. Each session, each day is specifically created for your individual wants and needs and intentions.
With multiple services.
Whatever you desire to work on and ready to receive in your life and personal ascending soul journey in consciousness.

As a renown Psychic Medium and Certified Life Coach, Melissa shares with you a lifetime of knowledge and services to help you awaken and illuminate your soul light that resides within you. She is here to help you recognize your own divinity, purpose and worthiness.

Services in the Spirit Spa retreat package can include…
Psychic Medium Consultations
Past Life Regressions and Future Progression
Understanding your blossoming gifts, abilities and awakening consciousness
Energy Clearing, Contract and Karma Clearing, Advanced Shamanic Light works that align you with your own sacred truth and highest good
Vibration and Frequency Recalibration
Chakra Balancing
Paranormal Energy 101
Gratitude and Intention Ceremony
Soul Tribe, Ancestors and Star Family connection
Tuning Fork Energy Tuning
Instruction on how to communicate with your guides and guardian angels
Creating a new ultimate purpose blue print for your life

And much more…

A 10 hour day full of every spiritual service, nurturing and pampering that you could ever want. Uniquely created experience for you to enhance your light, your life, your awakening consciousness in all aspects of your being.

Includes all food and basic supplies for the full day and evening.
Located in Jerome or Sedona, Arizona or can be scheduled in any city. Accommodations and airport transport is available.

Ask about discounts for parents and young people for sensitives, Indigo, Crystal, Starseed and psychic kids spiritual spa retreats.

Gift Certificates available

Spiritual Spa packages –

Prices start at
$425 – one full day per person
$675 – two full days per person

*discounts apply per person for groups

Contact Melissa for a free consultation Skype or phone call to discuss details and answer questions.