Melissa will be in Tulsa October 17 thru 19 and Ponca City October 24 thru 28. Book Now to Reserve your Session!

Individual Psychic Medium Consultations –

Melissa is known for her amazing and accurate abilities to help you communicate with your family, pets and loved ones in spirit. As well as her divine connection with the angels, guides and ascended masters.

Receive insight, clarity and guidance about any circumstance or question.  This service is uplifting and can assist in releasing blocks in life or help heal energy and hearts.

With over 20 years experience, it is Melissa’s mission in her work to help shine the love and light of God in each session, for each person. One of her main purposes in life is to help others find their own answers, truth, love and connection to their own divinity.

$75 –  30 minute consultation
$150 – 60 minute consultation
$200 – 90 minute consultation

Add $30 dollars per person extra in each session up to 3 people
Gift Certificates available here!

Phone and Skype sessions are also available

Group Consultations with Angelic Commentary
(For group of 4 to 50 people)

Families, friends, co-workers, banquets, parties, charities and events…
Or Dinner with a Medium…

Come together to ask questions, receive guidance and possible outcomes with your interactive group. And especially connect with loved ones who are passed.

Sometimes called gallery readings, it’s an unforgettable event to have Melissa come share her gifts and speak with your family or group setting.

At your place or mine. Formal or informal. Whatever forum you choose.

This is a powerful and fun interactive experience for everyone.

$215 per hour
2 hour minimum