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Spiritual Engineering

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Spiritual Engineering – Energy Clearing and Matrix Light Work with your Angels 

Whether it is mind, body, spiritual or life circumstances the energies inside us and around us can affect every aspect of our lives.

Melissa visually perceives the energies and is guided by angels and heavenly beings in every session to assist you in your personal life journey and awakening.

Spiritual Engineering:
Clearing away worries, blockages, attachments or burdensome issues in our energy systems can bring us relief and uplift in all areas of our lives. (Often dramatically, immediately and permanently)
Then filling the energetic fields with love, aligning with your highest potentials and sacred truth leads to wholeness.
Deprogramming the old matrix structures and grids, then restructuring to your original divine plan can accelerate ascension and awakenings.

Spiritual Engineering with the Angels can help with most any circumstance or issue such as…

  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Pain
  • Disease
  • Relationships
  • Finances or Careers or Businesses
  • Sleep or Nightmares
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Success and Confidence
  • Appearance or Physicality (Skin, weight, vibrancy etc)
  • Mental or Emotional issues
  • And virtually any condition or circumstance we can think of.

Messages and instruction are channeled from the company of heaven completing this process for a one of a kind service exclusively designed for each client.

This service profoundly awakens and uplifts your life and well beings on all levels. It often opening the doors to your highest potentials and hearts desires.

$150 – 60 minute session
$425 – package of 3 healing sessions

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Skype or telephone distance healing session available. It is the same in person or at a distance.

Home, Space or Business Clearing, Healing and Realignment with a Blessing

Clearing the atmosphere of old patterns or negative energies or entities, then realigning with the highest good and divine in our surroundings can make all the difference in our world. Bringing forth positives such as love, peace, abundance, joy, wellness, grace and all good energy in our homes and offices can uplift our lives tremendously.

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