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Ascension Life Coaching

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Ascension Life Coaching

Ascension Life coaching on all levels of being, with spiritual focus and angelic assistance.

Life coaching for Sensitives, Empaths and Indigo Children
(of any age, from age 10 to 110)

All of these terms are used for unique young and older people who are extra open to energy and spirit or who are extra talented or gifted in numerous ways.
Extra awakened.
It is not always easy for these people and they sometimes feel different or separate.
Other similar terms or definitions are…

Starseeds, Earth Angels, Volunteers, Crystal Children, Psychic people, Light Workers, Ascending and Awakening folks, people with ADHD, spiritually gifted or uniquely talented people, Asperger syndrome, Sensitive, Artists, Eccentric people, Bullied or Abused people, Rock Stars ready to be their full rock star potential and Unusual or Weird people in general,
which technically could be every person on the planet…

You, who are ready to recognize your ultimate divine selves and who are ascending into their true ultimate consciousness, purposes and life or are awakening and ascending.
Including young people with parental participation.


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