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Certified Spiritual Hypnosis 

The Spiritual Hypnosis sessions are unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. This unique and interactive service can be life changing on all levels. It’s safe and comfortable and freeing.

Sessions include:

  • Past-life regression
  • Future-life progression
  • Heavenly Realms- visiting with angels and loved ones
  • Meeting and alignment with your higher self, I AM presence
  • Divine Blueprint and Purposes
  • Uncovering your gifts, talents and abilities
  • Soul Retrieval, Soul Contracts
  • Twin Flame, Soul Tribe or Star Family meetings and alignments
  • Implant Removal and Matrix deprogramming and Divine Design reprogramming
  • Negative Energy Cleanse
    And more….

All sessions specifically designed for each client.

$150 – per Session   (Sessions are typically 2 to 3 hours)

$415 – for a package of 3 sessions per person

Gift Certificates available!

Ms Brace is a certified hypnotist.

This service is intended for entertainment purposes only. Any advice or service provided by our psychic advisor does not constitute medical or legal advice which should be sought from a qualified medical or legal professional. Those seeking medical, financial, or legal advice should consult qualified professionals. Click here for full terms of service.