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In this Awakening and Ascending world, Awakening YOU and making the most of this life that God gave you in your own unique way is the most precious gift you can give yourself.

AWAKEN your highest potentials in life.
AWAKEN profound change on every level of being.
AWAKEN your worthiness and sacred truth.
AWAKEN your goals, purposes, abilities and passions.
AWAKEN your connections with unconditional self love, your I AM presence and unity consciousness.
AWAKEN to your Divinity.

There are more people in this day and age than ever, who are opening up to receive the Light that resides within each of us. We are all feeling our inner calling to be who we came here to be.
We are yearning to find our own truths, victories, freedom, love and fulfillment more than ever.

It is in you, that which you seek.
You are the light.
It is your time.

I am here to assist you in finding whatever you are ready to receive or build in your life, in your personal awakening and ascending divine journey.
I will help you remove blocks and release old patterns or issues. So you can shift your reality, recognize and create the life you desire in a supportive environment.

In a regular Awakening Life Coaching session Melissa might use techniques such as:
Intuitive reading with your angelic teams and heavenly assistance
Connecting with your highest self (I AM presence)
Clearing and aligning energy fields or chakras
Frequency and Light Language recalibration
Matrix deprogramming and reprogramming
Certified Hypnosis – Past life regression or future progression and heavenly journeys
Visualization and Metaphysics
Script Rewriting
Feng Shui
Karma Cleanse, contract and cord dissolution
Entity and implant removal
Soul Retrieval
Akashic Record Consulting
Energy clearing of Home, Business or land and spaces
And more…

Each Awakening session and package is specifically designed for you, to fit your exact needs and changes as you grow. Whatever you are wanting to or ready to focus on.
Anything and everything.
Every consultation addresses your intentions and questions with intuitive and heavenly assistance. In a safe and nurturing atmosphere. There is no judgement, only support and love.

People often ask about…
Purposes and Life Missions
Unfolding natural gifts and talents
Body image
Spiritual subjects
New life choices and changes

Awakening Life Coaching can help on all levels and with any circumstance or issue…

This life is a journey of the unknown…
Lets make the pieces come together now.
Your way.
Your truth.

Awakening Love Blessings,
Melissa Brace

Awakening Life Coaching  

125$ per session

Awakening Weekly Conference Call Groups

22$ per session
80$ per month payment

Most Life Coaching Services are done on Skype or Facetime with phone, text or email updates and check ins.

Gift Certificates Available

Ask about life coaching for couples, friends on the same path, families, groups or office staff.
or  918-688-4267
for further details or inquiries


Ascension Life Coaching

Ascension Life coaching on all levels of being, with spiritual focus and angelic assistance.

Life coaching for Sensitives, Empaths and Indigo Children
(of any age, from age 10 to 110)

All of these terms are used for unique young and older people who are extra open to energy and spirit or who are extra talented or gifted in numerous ways.
Extra awakened.
It is not always easy for these people and they sometimes feel different or separate.
Other similar terms or definitions are…

Starseeds, Earth Angels, Volunteers, Crystal Children, Psychic people, Light Workers, Ascending and Awakening folks, people with ADHD, spiritually gifted or uniquely talented people, Asperger syndrome, Sensitive, Artists, Eccentric people, Bullied or Abused people, Rock Stars ready to be their full rock star potential and Unusual or Weird people in general,
which technically could be every person on the planet…

You, who are ready to recognize your ultimate divine selves and who are ascending into their true ultimate consciousness, purposes and life or are awakening and ascending.
Including young people with parental participation.

Ascension Life Coaching Services 

125$ per session

Ascension Weekly Conference Call Groups

22$ per session
80$ paid monthly

Most sessions are done on Skype or Facetime, with telephone and email check ups.

Gift Certificates available for inquiries, details or more information