Melissa will be in Tulsa October 17 thru 19 and Ponca City October 24 thru 28. Book Now to Reserve your Session!

Melissa Brace,

is a respected, professional psychic medium and energy light worker in service for over 20 years. She is known for her amazing accuracy, angelic connections, and her uplifting and comforting nature.

It is her mission to serve humanity in highest truth, Gods will in her work. As well as help raise consciousness, accelerate awakening and helping clients find their own gifts and Divinity and connections with God. Self actualization. Self love. Ascension. I am presence. Light language, answers, healing, spiritual engineering, support, harmony, compassion, joy, guidance, love, truth, peace and purpose. This is what it’s all about!

Psychic Abilities

Melissa describes her abilities as “simply heightened awareness and attunement to the energies around us, with lots of heavenly assistance.”

Seeing, feeling, hearing, knowing… in extraordinary ways seem to be natural for her since childhood.  She combines her gifts with her extensive training and skill plus lifetime passion to bring you these unique services.


She also likes traveling all over the country, to cities big and small in her work. And does frequent Skype appointments, conference calls, classes online or telephone sessions with people around the world.

Missing Persons

Melissa has assisted families and law enforcement in missing persons and murder investigations. Justice and harmony for those who are suppressed or no longer have a physical voice is important to her.

She also loves animals and our beautiful Earth. She enjoys doing animal readings and earth energy healing work as well.