Four Leaf Clover Day

September 22nd, 2012 | Posted by Melissa in Thoughts From Melissa

Today was intense in part and I had a lot to work on in myself.
Thankfully I ended up with the most profound peace and appreciation for people!

I found a picture of a four leaf clover and was reminded of a time years ago when a guy I was thinking of dating said to me…
“You don’t believe in luck. You’re a spiritual psychic person! You are contradicting yourself.”
He was adamant.
And it was more like yelling.

I was describing a tattoo that I had been considering of a four leaf clover.
I remember saying something like…
I may get a small four leaf clover tattoo because I always felt lucky despite great hardships in my life.
He argued with this idea that I wasn’t allowed to believe in luck for quite a while. As far as I remember, I said nothing. And never answered.
I didn’t know him well at all and I was amused some by this luck belief excitement!
What would I care about what he thought I needed to believe?
I didn’t.
That is still funny and come to think of it, I still have the same lucky feeling and the same consideration of a little four leaf clover tattoo.

Consequently, he was adamant enough times on what I was to believe or think or do…
That I figured we were not a great romantic match and I thought he was extra cranky to say it politely.
Now I don’t recall his name. However I do recall him being pretty adamant about putting me down when I told him I wasn’t interested in dating him but I thanked him. I believe I was kind and tried to be aware of his feelings. I usually do in all circumstances though I don’t remember my words either so I hope I was nicer than it seemed he was to me.

I’m as adamant as ever on a few things sometimes, myself.
I adamantly believe there are love matches for everybody. We are all perfectly and divinely meant to be exactly who we are I see. There are lots of wonderful people to love in this world.
Lots of kindred people.
I love the people.

Today I had a similar encounter. Minus the four leaf clover conversation. Todays experience was less unpleasant and only a few put downs which I could not take personally.
I was nice.

I must be healing and cleansing my own baggage lately a lot! It’s hard to see ourselves I think, however it seems to be true for me. I’ve been working on it.

Which brings me to the real purposes and points of today…
Which are:
Things for me are truly changing and I recognize recently, some clearing away of lots of things I don’t want anymore inside me and around me.
Just like the prayer…
Rinse me clean God!
I can see us all changing and clearing and healing on all levels. Being rinsed clean by the hands of God as we have asked.

It’s happening and has been happening for a long time now.
Mostly it’s been very good and uplifting, my process of changing and uplifting. With a few rough patches.

I have been worried and full of fear as well love because of some loved ones having to be in the hospital and some other stresses that have been painful and difficult.
That has been at the forefront for me for a while.
We can all relate I’m sure.

I’ve actually been noticing how well many people around me have been doing in their lives, even during hardships. It’s awesome.

So after a day that was not so peaceful I’m finding myself just innundated with peace. I’m thankful for all of the people and glad its time now for shifting of consciousness (at least mine).

I’ve had many moments where I felt enormous energy come upon me that I can only describe as love. Divine.
I call it angelic or celestial.
Today as I saw the four leaf clover picture, this experience of love happened for me.

The angels said to me…
Be yourself. You are loved.
People show you who they are as always. You noticed it was not good or uplifting for you to be interacting with a couple of people recently.
As you always say… It’s ok. Everyone gets their own perceptions and thoughts.
Everyone is going through immense change.
Pray for all people.
Pray and take much needed time for yourself now.
The world is shifting, mass consciousness is uplifting so wonderfully. Expect peaceful changes and pray.

Ive got to say….
I’m feeling lucky.
I’m feeling extremely lucky.

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